The world in the grip of energy: the imbalance and rising prices


Natural gas prices are at historic highs in Europe, as it is not possible to provide sufficient energy supplies to increase production after the pandemic.

With the approach of the winter months, the prices of electricity and natural gas are expected to rise further around the world.


The energy crisis has affected the entire world, the world is preparing for a harsh winter, and the whole world is in the grip of an energy crisis.

The rapid increase in demand and the rapid rise in industrial production along with the economy after the global pandemic has also increased the need for energy worldwide.

The negative effects of global warming and severe drought have also led to a decrease in the energy produced from alternative energy sources.

Europe is also one of the places hardest hit by the energy crisis, and with the increasing demand for energy, there has been a rapid collapse in natural gas stocks.


European countries have not been able to sufficiently fill their stockpiles due to high gas prices and gas supply problems.

The fact that Russia is Europe’s largest gas importer has not responded adequately to the increased demand, which has also led to higher natural gas prices.

There have also been historic increases in fuel prices in Europe, and gasoline and diesel prices in Germany have risen to their highest level in the past ten years.

The average price of petrol in the UK reached an all-time high at 1.42 pounds.

The energy ministers of the European Union member states held an emergency meeting in Luxembourg to find a solution to the high energy prices, however, no agreement was reached on the measures to be taken.


China is also among the countries affected by the energy crisis, and the increase in coal prices and the supply problem in China, which uses coal as its main source of electricity, has put the Beijing administration in a difficult position.

While some factories in the country are forced to suspend production, power outages are occurring in some areas.

While it does not appear that the energy crisis around the world can be resolved in a short time, energy prices are expected to rise further as the weather cools.