The water level of Istanbul’s dams increased by 5.4 percent


Heavy rains in the Turkish state of Istanbul on Wednesday resulted in the dam occupancy rate in one day increasing by 5.4 percent, reaching 31.03 percent.

According to data from the Istanbul Water and Sanitation Administration, the dam occupancy rate in the state began to rise after declining to reach 16.18 percent on November 11, 2023.

The occupancy rate in dams increased by 5.4 percent in one day due to the heavy rains that Istanbul witnessed yesterday, Wednesday.

The rate rose from 25.63 percent on Wednesday to reach 31.03 percent today, Thursday.

The amount of water in dams and ponds rose to 269 million and 51 thousand cubic meters.

The maximum water storage volume in these dams and ponds is 868 million and 683 thousand cubic meters.