3 million visitors to the Tropical Butterfly Garden since 2015


The Tropical Butterfly Garden in Konya, central Turkey, has attracted more than 3 million visitors since its opening in 2015.

The park, which is visited by local and foreign visitors, is the only one of its kind in Turkey and the largest of its kind in Europe.

The park located in Selcuk district of Konya is known to have the largest butterfly flight area in Europe.

The area of the aforementioned park is 7,600 square meters, and the area allocated for walking is 3,500 square meters.


The Butterfly Garden, which has a tropical atmosphere, includes 20,000 butterflies from 40 species, in addition to 195 species of plants.​​​​​​

The park supervisors are keen to keep the temperature at 28 degrees Celsius and the humidity at 80 percent.

The park’s chief biologist, Turgut Tosh, explained that the park attracts visitors from all over Turkey and foreign tourists.

In a statement Thursday, Tosh said: “Since its opening in July 2015, the park has hosted more than 3 million visitors.”