The UAE calls on the UN to take a position on the hostilities of Al-Houthi


The UAE called on the United Nations to “take a clear position on the terrorist and hostile acts of the Houthis, inside Yemen, the countries of the region, and international maritime navigation.”

This came during a telephone call received by the diplomatic advisor to the President of the UAE, Anwar Gargash, from Hans Grundberg.


He is the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to Yemen on Thursday evening, according to the official Emirates News Agency.

Gargash called on the United Nations to take a clear position on the terrorist and hostile acts carried out by the Houthi militia.

This is either towards the Yemeni people or the countries of the region, in addition to its threat to international maritime navigation.”

He said that his country “has the legal and moral right to defend its lands, population and sovereignty, and it will exercise this right to defend itself and prevent terrorist acts pursued by the Houthi group.”


He added that the Houthis reject “all calls for a ceasefire and to engage in a political solution to the crisis, which is confirmed by the vicious attack on civilian targets in the UAE.”

Gargash stressed “the need for a firm stance from the international community towards the expansion of terrorist acts by the Houthi militia.”

It turned the port of Hodeidah into a port of sea piracy, financing the war and exploiting it militarily.

He also stressed that his country “continues to support international efforts for a ceasefire and a political solution, but it will do everything necessary to prevent the danger of terrorist acts on its soil,” according to the same source.

And on Monday, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi witnessed the explosion of three oil tankers, and a fire in the new construction area near Abu Dhabi Airport.


This resulted in the killing of 3 people and the injury of 6 others. This was followed by the United Nations expressing its concern and the issuance of wide Arab condemnations.

The Iranian-backed Houthi group announced targeting the Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports and “sensitive” facilities in the UAE with 5 ballistic missiles and a “large” number of drones.