The Turkish Religious Endowment intends to slaughter 3000 sacrifices


The Turkish religion intends to stop the slaughter of 3,000 sacrifices in Mali during the Eid al-Adha, to distribute their meat to those in need there.

This comes within the framework of a campaign launched by the Waqf under the slogan: “Share your sacrifice and be close to your brother” to sacrifice sacrifices by proxy.


The Turkish endowment is scheduled to start slaughtering 3000 large-sized sacrifices as of Saturday, 9 July, due to its announcement of the first day of Eid al-Adha in Mali.

As part of the campaign, the Waqf is preparing to distribute approximately 21,000 rations of sacrificial meat in 8 regions in Mali during the days of Eid.

In a statement on Friday, the representative of the Waqf in Mali, Furqan Farouk Taza, indicated that preparations had been completed.

He said, “All preparations have been completed to sacrifice 3,000 large sacrifices, which are equivalent to approximately 21,000 rations.”


He explained that the endowment is preparing to distribute sacrificial meat in nearly 80 countries around the world.