The Turkish beaches of Antalya are teeming with vacationers


On Sunday, the beaches of the Turkish city of Antalya were crowded with vacationers wishing to entertain themselves in light of the high temperatures and humidity.

Today, the temperature in Antalya, overlooking the Mediterranean, reached 30 degrees, while the humidity rate reached 99 percent in the morning hours, then it dropped to 65 percent.

The coasts of “Konya Alti”, “Sarisu” and “Lara” in Antalya were crowded with vacationers.


While some swam in the sea water, others preferred to sit under the shade of trees in the green spaces adjacent to the coast.

The high temperature and humidity negatively affected the animals as well, according to camel breeders in the Kumluca region of Antalya.

Ahmed Qaraqosh, a camel breeder, said that the animals are going through difficult days during these months because of the high temperature.

He pointed out that they wash camels 4 times a day in the summer to make them feel fresh.