The possibility of discovering a new planet outside the Milky Way


Astronomers report that they may have discovered a possible planet outside the Milky Way.

According to ABC News, NASA said it may have tracked a possible planet in the galaxy, known as Vortex Galaxy, using the Chandra X-ray telescope.


Astronomers believe that the planet, which they named “M51-ULS-1b”, which is believed to be located about 28 million light-years away, is the size of Saturn.

It is also believed that the possible planet orbits a neutron star or black hole and that the distance from it is about twice the distance between Saturn and the Sun.

The astronomers indicated that the possible planet completed its orbit within 70 years and that the probability of observing this planet from Earth is very weak.

“He has to line up in the right place at the right time for us to see him,” says Jonty Horner.


If you randomly observed millions of times over the course of 70 years, you would only catch a possible planet transit on 4 of those times.”

In addition, the scientists note that it will take time to definitively prove the existence of a possible planet and that they need more observations and data.

Planets also block most or all of the X-rays emitted by stars as they pass in front of them.

The reduced rays emitted by the stars were observed by telescopes, providing signs of the presence of new planets.