Foreign experts praise Turkish emergency services during Corona


Foreign experts in the field of medicine praised the emergency service sector in Turkey and its performance during the Corona epidemic period.

This came during their speech on the sidelines of their participation in medical conferences in Antalya, southwestern Turkey.


In this context, said Eric Revaux, co-chair of the Clinical Applications Committee of the International Federation of Emergency Medicine.

Doctors and nurses in Turkey have wide capabilities in the practical aspect.

Revaux, who also heads the emergency department at the French hospital Larboisier, added that they benefited from the experiences of their Turkish colleagues in how to manage crowded emergency services.

He pointed out that Turkish doctors and nurses provide daily services to thousands of people in emergency departments, while this number does not exceed 200 in France.

In turn, Professor Dr. Paul Kivila, former president of the American Emergency Medicine Association, said that they faced great difficulties in the United States during dealing with the Corona epidemic.


Also, “Kivila”, who is also a faculty member at the University of Alabama, praised Turkey’s handling of the Corona epidemic and the management of this crisis.

He added, “As a scientist, I feel proud of Turkey’s success in managing the Corona epidemic,” and stressed that Turkey was better than many other countries in managing the Corona crisis.