The Netherlands removes mask requirements in closed areas


In the Netherlands, the government is moving to the fourth stage in its plan for normalization with the coronavirus epidemic, the stage in which mask requirements are removed in closed areas will be passed on June 26.

Prime Minister of the Interim Government Mark Rutte and Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge also held a joint press conference on the plan to mitigate the measures that have been implemented across the country.

Prime Minister Rutte announced that the fourth phase of the normalization plan that started on April 28 will start on June 26.


Masks will continue to be worn on public transport

Referring to the abolition of the obligation to wear masks in closed areas, Rutte emphasized that masks will continue to be worn in public transport vehicles, airports, planes, and secondary schools, where social distance cannot be maintained.

Rutte stated that from June 26 a big step in normalization will be taken. “Almost everything is free provided 1.5 meters of social distance are observed,” he said.

Emphasizing that there will be no change in the requirements for compliance with hygiene rules and the rules of social distance 1.5 meters.

Rutte also announced that free coronavirus testing will be offered to those who have not yet been vaccinated and will be traveling in the summer.


Measures have been relaxed as of June 26th

Amateur sports competitions will be held from June 26, when the entertainment industry will be able to return to normal business hours.

It will be discos and nightclubs where it is not possible to maintain an open social distance for those who give a negative test result.

Or those who have had the disease in the past six months or those who have received their vaccinations.

The maximum number of guests that can be brought into homes has also been canceled.

The duty to work from home was partially abolished, and it was decided to use offices in half working hours, provided that the rules of distance and hygiene were followed.

The cinemas, theaters, conferences, events, and wedding halls will be able to use their full capacity, provided that the rules of distance and hygiene are followed.

On the other hand, the meeting announced the rule of social distance and planning for how to accomplish education in secondary schools next year in the middle of next August.