The launch of the Sustainable Tourism Conference in Antalya


The activities of the World Council for Sustainable Tourism, which will last until May 12, were launched in the city of Antalya, in southern Turkey, on Wednesday.

The conference is attended by 300 personalities from 45 countries, including representatives of the public sector, tourism and civil organizations, in addition to academics.

The conference provides an opportunity for participants to benefit from the practical experiences of experts in developing and introducing sustainable tourism.


In the opening speech, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Luigi Cabrini, thanked Turkey for hosting the conference and spoke about the importance of sustainability in tourism.

He stressed that the tourism sector is struggling with global difficulties and said, “The difficulties that threaten the growth of tourism have not changed, as the effects of climate change have become noticeable, and plastic pollutes oceans and rivers, and biodiversity continues to deteriorate with increasing water scarcity.”

He added, “Turkey has shown an ambitious and forward-looking commitment to developing its national plan for sustainable tourism, for which we thank them.”