Lifting the immunity of pro-Kurdish people in the Turkish parliament


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“As of last night, 32 applications were received to lift the parliamentary immunity of the parliamentary representatives who support the actions of the PKK,” Mustafa Şentop, speaker of the Turkish parliament, was quoted by Anadolu Agency as saying.

Without announcing the exact number of delegates and their political orientation, Şentop said that a group of them were from the People’s Democratic Party.

Last week, the Turkish court announced that a request had been submitted to lift the parliamentary immunity of nine MPs from the People’s Democratic Party.


The Turkish judicial authorities have launched an investigation into the role of these individuals in the violent 2014 protests against ISIS’s siege of the Kurdish city of Kobani in northern Syria.

The Turkish Prosecutor’s Office said that the MPs, who were members of the PDP Central Executive Committee at the time of the protests, incited violence with the party’s deputy leader.

The killing of 13 people, including 12 Turkish citizens who had been taken hostage by the PKK in Iraq, put pressure on pro-Kurdish human rights groups in Turkey, in particular the Democratic People’s Party.

According to local news sources. About ten days ago, Turkey announced that it had found the bodies of 13 Turkish citizens who had been kidnapped by Kurdish militants in northern Iraq.

The Ankara government and its Western allies consider the PKK a “terrorist” group.

Turkey also described the Democratic People’s Party (HDP) as “a political show of the PKK.”

The PDP denied the allegations, saying it was under pressure and repression over serious opposition to the president’s policies.