Turkey and Greece will meet at the table again after 5 years.

The 61st round of exploratory talks with Greece will be held in Istanbul today.

The agenda for the talks will be the problems in the Aegean Sea and the eastern Mediterranean.

Turkey’s dialogue, cooperation and response came from Greece’s position in favor of the resolution.

After the talks between the Turkish and Greek foreign ministries, until it was decided to hold the 61st round of exploratory talks between the two countries in Istanbul on January 25.

Eyes are heading in Istanbul today

Turkey wants to address all problems with Greece through talks. But Athena ignores Ankara’s unconditional invitation for dialogue.

Greece violated its status to disarm the islands for years, despite the treaties of Lausanne in 1923 and Paris in 1947.

Finally, the Greek government gave the message to increase the territorial waters east of Crete to 12 miles.

The European Union and its member states expressed their satisfaction with the meeting.

Since Ankara’s call for dialogue and resolving bilateral issues in the talks, It is seen as a positive step from Turkey in relations with the European Union.

The European Union and its member states also welcomed the decision to resume exploratory talks between Turkey and Greece.

Problems in the Aegean Sea and the eastern Mediterranean will be discussed in the meetings.

Negotiations between Turkey and Greece start again after 5 years

The first exploratory talks between Greece and Turkey were held in Ankara in 2002, between the Assistant Foreign Ministers of the two countries.

Sixty rounds of meetings were held between the two parties as of 2016.

The 60th round (the last meeting) was held in Athens in March 2016.