The European Union is considering buying gas collectively


The European Union is considering activating a platform established by the Commission last April to buy natural gas for the bloc’s countries collectively and in standardized negotiations with suppliers.


A report by Bloomberg Agency stated on Monday that the European Commission will offer, at a meeting of the leaders of the bloc, on October 20-21, the purchase of natural gas, according to joint contracts, for the bloc’s countries at least 15 percent of the countries’ consumption.

The unified platform has not succeeded so far in bringing together all the countries of the bloc, as it includes in its membership a group of energy companies from only 6 countries, while the rest of the member countries led the import negotiations individually.

According to Bloomberg, the commission aspires to establish a European Union of energy companies, which does not include any of the Russian energy companies.

The commission aims to consolidate procurement efforts to reach lower prices and deals with suppliers than at present, as part of plans to manage the energy file.


However, the platform is witnessing reservations from energy companies, which see that global gas prices are high and will reduce the chances of the European Union to buy shares of gas while global demand is rising.