Tension over hypersonic weapons on the Beijing-Washington line


The new point of tension between Beijing and Washington is the claim that China is testing hypersonic weapons.


The Financial Times wrote that China had tested two hypersonic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, and the denial came from Beijing.

The FT’s claim has once again increased tension on the line between Beijing and Washington.

The newspaper wrote that the Beijing administration has tested two missiles with hypersonic nuclear warheads, which can overtake US air defense systems in the summer.

The Financial Times reported that the Chinese military tested these hypersonic missiles on July 27 and August 13, and they flew into low Earth orbit and circled the globe before heading towards their target.


It was also asserted that these missiles had “aerodynamic capability”, which surprised US intelligence with its characteristics that ignore the laws of physics.

Based on the allegations, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Washington is closely monitoring China’s efforts to develop advanced weapons systems.

However, Austin did not comment directly on allegations that Beijing is testing a hypersonic missile capable of delivering a nuclear weapon.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry denied the announcement that the spacecraft, not the missile, had been tested.


The United States and Russia are testing hypersonic weapons.

Hypersonic missiles, a new generation of weapons that are difficult to track, detect and intercept can travel five times faster than sound.

However, the missiles allegedly tested recently, are described as a completely new technology with their aerodynamic characteristics.