Şentop: The democracy on July 15 will illuminate the Turkish people


Turkish Parliament Speaker Mustafa Şentop said on Friday that the flame of democracy that the people lit when they confronted the failed coup attempt 6 years ago will continue to light the way.


This came in a tweet on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the failed coup attempt, noting that the light of faith overcame the darkness of injustice on that night (July 15).

Şentop added that the Turkish people did not allow their independence to be desecrated in their history, did not drop their glorious flag, and sacrificed their cheap souls in defending their homeland.

He stressed that the torch of democracy kindled by the proud Turkish people will continue to light their path, and that the epic he wrote – in repelling the failed coup – will be passed down from generation to generation.

The Speaker of Parliament had mercy on the souls of the martyrs who rose in defense of their homeland while confronting the coup forces, while wishing the injured people continued health.


On July 15, 2016, Turkey witnessed a coup attempt carried out by limited elements of the army affiliated with the “FETO” terrorist organization.

It was met with massive popular protests in most cities, forcing the putschists to withdraw their vehicles from the cities and thwarting their plan.