Saudi Arabia includes Turkey within the “electronic visa” system


The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Saudi Arabia has included Turkey among the list of countries that grant its citizens an electronic visa when visiting the Kingdom for tourist purposes.

The ministry stated in a statement on Saturday that Saudi Arabia included Turkey on the list as of October 17, noting that Turkish nationals were previously required to obtain a “visa sticker” when visiting Saudi Arabia for tourist purposes.

It explained that holders of Turkish passports can apply for a tourist visa for the purposes of “tourism, work, Umrah, and visiting relatives” through the Saudi visa website or upon their arrival at Saudi airports or Saudi representations in Turkey.


It pointed out that Turkish nationals can obtain a “single-entry” or “multiple-entry” visa, which entitles them to reside in the Kingdom for 90 days within 365 days.

It stressed that “the electronic visa does not include the Hajj pilgrimage, as the electronic visa will entitle its holder to visit cities located outside the holy areas only during the Hajj season.”

Regarding citizens of Saudi Arabia, the Ministry said that in order to visit Turkey, they can obtain a sticker visa from the Turkish missions, an electronic visa, or a sticker visa upon arrival at any Turkish airport.