Revenues from Turkish dried tomatoes that adorn the dishes of the world


The value of dried tomato exports in the Turkish Aegean region in the west of the country reached $97 million during 2021.

According to information from the “Aegean” union of vegetable and fruit exporters, the union’s exports increased by 17 percent, reaching $83 million in 2020.


He added that the Aegean Union’s exports of dried tomatoes, which are used in pizza and pasta in particular, reached 106 countries last year.

The United States, Italy and Germany are in the first three places in the import of dried tomatoes, followed by the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, France and Poland.

In an interview, the head of the Aegean Federation Hayreddin Ucak said that Turkey occupies an important position in the production of dried tomatoes around the world, pointing out that the Aegean region produces about 95 percent of the production of the Turkish market.


He added that they aim to export dried tomatoes worth $120 million for 2022.