Refuting allegations of chanting a slogan in Pennsylvania


The Anti-Disinformation Center of the Communications Department of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey on Wednesday refuted allegations of chanting “We want the genocide of the Jews” during anti-Israel protests at the University of Pennsylvania, stressing that this is not true.

The center said in a statement Thursday that allegations of protesters chanting “We want genocide of the Jews” during anti-Israel protests at the University of Pennsylvania “are not true.”

It added, “The scenes recorded during the protests documented the chanting of the slogan ‘Israel, Israel, you cannot hide: We accuse you of genocide’, as is the case in many protests.”


It continued: “The scenes show students protesting against Israel chanting the slogan ‘We accuse you of genocide’ instead of ‘We want the genocide of the Jews’ as claimed.”

Since October 7, Israel has continued to launch intensive raids on Gaza, leaving thousands of civilians dead and wounded, and cutting off its supplies of water, electricity, food, and medicine. This sparked local and international warnings of a double humanitarian catastrophe, in parallel with intense Israeli raids and arrests in cities and towns of the occupied West Bank.

In response to “daily Israeli attacks against the Palestinian people and their sanctities,” Hamas and other Palestinian factions in Gaza launched Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” on October 7, at the beginning of which they stormed Israeli settlements and military sites surrounding the Gaza Strip.