Killing innocent people is the beginning of the end of all humanity


The Turkish Ministry of Defense said regarding the bombing of Al-Ahly Baptist Hospital in the Gaza Strip, that the killing of innocent civilians, most of whom are children and women, by ignoring international law and the most basic human values, is the end point of all humanity.

This was stated by the Media Advisor to the Ministry of Defense, Zeki Akturk, in a press conference on Wednesday.

Akturk called for mercy for those who lost their lives in the attacks and wished a speedy recovery for the wounded, stressing that stopping the conflict between Israel and Palestine as soon as possible is of great importance for peace in the region and the world.


He added: “We emphasize once again the necessity of stopping attacks against civilians in Gaza immediately and taking mutual positive steps in order to reach a lasting solution.”

Regarding the aid efforts planned to be implemented by Turkey for Palestine after the Israeli attack, sources in the Ministry of Defense confirmed that the Turkish Armed Forces are ready to assume tasks regarding humanitarian aid and evacuation.

The sources pointed to the expertise of the Turkish Armed Forces regarding evacuation operations and medical support.​​​​​​