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Yeditepe University

Private Yeditepe University in Istanbul, with its leading and distinguished academic and administrative staff, aims to equip young people with all the required qualifications in the business world and all the necessary technological skills.

And to be well-versed in different cultures, as the university provides, through its academic programs and contemporary applications, a necessary education for people in the information age.

The establishment of the Yeditepe University

Having been established in 1996 by Istanbul Educational and Cultural Foundation, Yeditepe University is mainly located on a campus on the Asian side of Istanbul.

However, the College of Dentistry and University Hospital are located in other locations on the Asian side of the city.

Yeditepe University

 Goals of the Private Yeditepe University

  • Growth through development every year is the main goal of the university and to increase the quality of education, to produce science for society, and to make more scientific contributions to industry and society.
  • In addition, as an academic institution, it also aims to continue work in scientific studies, to increase the number of foreign agreements and the number of patents and to provide the country with more qualified graduates.
  • The university provides education in line with the expectations of the information age and carries out its academic activities in 13 colleges, offering 77 university programs. Postgraduate education is also carried out in 83 master’s degree programs and 43 doctoral programs.
  • It helps its students to learn languages ​​as all academic programs are offered in English except for a program in political science and international relations in French, a program in business administration in German and an art and design program in Italian.

Advantages of Yeditepe University

  • It was ranked first among the constituent universities in Turkey through the 2017 and 2018 reviews of Green Metric, an international platform on sustainability and environmental awareness that identifies the greenest universities around the world.
  • The only university in Turkey that produces its own energy through solar panels on the roofs of campus.
  • With its diverse academic fields ranging from natural sciences to social sciences, from fine arts to healthcare sciences and educational sciences and by offering dual majors, sub-branches and education in different countries.
  • Modern education in line with the demands of the constantly developing world. Regardless of the academic life, the university provides an opportunity for self-development for its students through 44 student clubs and various activities.
  • Thanks to its successes in 42 different sports branches, it is always the best performer among all universities in Turkey.
  • Thanks to more than 700 collaborations with other leading universities around the world, especially in Europe, the USA, Canada, Russia, South America and the Far East, the university is a pioneer in the field of higher education in Turkey. As the university with the largest number of students with Erasmus and other exchange programs in Turkey, the university is taking another step forward in this direction through an academic cooperation agreement with Houston Methodist Global, including colleges of pharmacy and healthcare sciences. And dentistry in addition to medicine and business schools.
Yeditepe University

Faculties available

Human Medicine6English    $ 25.000
the pharmacy5English  $ 18.500
dentist5English and Turkish  $ 25.000
Rights4Turkish  $ 14.500
Economy4English  $ 10.500
Business Management4English  $ 10.500
Public relations4English  $ 10.500
International Relations and Political Science4English  $ 10.500
International Business Administration4German  $ 10.500
International Relations and Political Science4French  $ 10.500
E-commerce and technology management4English  $ 10.500
Information systems and technologies4English  $ 10.500
International Business and Trade Administration4English  $ 10.500
International logistics and transportation4English  $ 10.500
Management Information Systems4English  $ 10.500
Tourism and hotel management4English  $ 10.500
Anthropology4English  $ 10.500
English language and literature4English  $ 10.500
Date4English  $ 10.500
Maths4English  $ 10.500
Philosophy4English  $ 10.500
Physics4English  $ 10.500
psychology4English  $ 10.500
Sociology4English  $ 10.500
Translation and interpretation4English  $ 10.500
Turkish Language and Literature4English  $ 10.500
the press4English  $ 10.500
Visual Communication Design4English  $ 10.500
Public Relations and Advertising4English  $ 10.500
Radio, Film and Television4English  $ 10.500
Communication and advertising design4English  $ 10.500
Architecture4English$ 12.500
Interior design and architecture4English  $ 10.500
Industrial product design4English  $ 10.500
Interior architecture4English  $ 10.500
Computer education and educational software technology4English  $ 8.500
Mathematics education programs for the elementary level4English  $ 8.500
English language teaching programs4English  $ 8.500
Turkish language teaching programs4English  $ 8.500
Computer engineering4English  $ 12.500
Medical equipment engineering4English  $ 12.500
Electrical and electronics engineering4English  $ 12.500
Industrial Systems Engineering4English  $ 12.500
Bioengineering and genetics4English  $ 12.500
Food engineering4English  $ 12.500
civil engineering4English  $ 12.500
Mechanical engineering4English  $ 12.500
Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology4English  $ 12.500
Nursing4English  $ 8.500
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation4English and Turkish  $ 8.500
Nutrition and Dietetics4Turkish  $ 8.500
Gastronomy and culinary arts4Turkish  $ 9.500
graphic design4Turkish  $ 9.500
Fashion and textile design4Turkish  $ 9.500
Plastic arts and painting4Turkish  $ 9.500
Arts Administration4Turkish  $ 9.500
The stage4Turkish  $ 9.500
Preparatory school for learning the English language1English    $ 10.500
Yeditepe University

Scientific research centers

Yeditepe University continues to conduct scientific research in its research and application centers, which include the following:

  1. Applied Research and Information Systems Center: It works on developing scientific projects, by conducting theoretical and applied scientific research and studies in the field of information technology that includes: information systems, software development and application, communication systems and data transmission
  2. Dental Education and Research Practice Center: Focuses on educational and scientific research activities related to oral and dental health services and patient service
  3. Center for Research and Drug Applications: It is concerned with conducting biopharmaceutical research in cooperation with universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations in coordination with the University’s College of Pharmacy
  4. Ophthalmology Research Center: was established to provide the latest methods of diagnosing and treating eye diseases, conducting the latest scientific research, training distinguished ophthalmologists, and providing the necessary facilities for graduate students to continue their studies in the field of ophthalmology
  5. Stem Cell Center: With the support of the Istanbul Development Agency, the center was established to implement projects in the field of stem cells and gene therapy, as well as research and development in the fields of cancer treatment and aging diseases.
  6. Entrepreneurship workshop: The workshop provides counseling and training services to students
  7. Training, Research and Health Services Center: It aims to conduct scientific research in order to provide the most methods of diagnosis and treatment, especially with regard to public health
  8. Center for Strategic Applications and Research: The center aims to analyze Turkish international relations, forecast the future of these relations, and produce strategic political, military, social, economic, technological and cultural alternatives.

University facilities

  • The campus consists of many built spaces, and a large open space, with 319 classrooms, 22 lecture halls, 32 computer labs, 74 specialized laboratories in the Faculties of Fine Arts, Architecture, Communications, Engineering and Science, and professional photography studios.
  • There are 34 academic administrative units, 287 faculty offices, and 28 student club rooms
  • 3000m2 central library equipped with computers with internet access, private reading areas, and a multi-purpose conference room
  • A cinema complex with a capacity of 100 people, a theater hall with a capacity of 100 seats
  • Two professionally equipped TV studios, and educational radio facilities
  • Indoor basketball facilities with seating facilities, outdoor basketball courts, outdoor volleyball, tennis courts and swimming pools
  • Large grassy areas with benches and picnic facilities
  • A car park in the inner yard can accommodate 400 vehicles.

Documents required for registration

Registration at Yedi University requires some papers, which are:

  • High school diploma.
  • Copy of the passport with a translation.
  • Personal photos of the student.
  • Yös exam certificate.


  • The university may give different discounts, depending on the student’s rate. There are no fixed criteria.
  • Installments are subject to 8% tax at the University of Yedi Tebbe.
  • The price of the additional academic subject (for a master’s or doctoral program) is $ 1,000.
  • After admission to the master’s and doctoral level, there is an interview for the student, through which the student’s acceptance is finally determined.

A language certificate is a prerequisite for registering for the PhD.

You can learn more and register at the university on the Yeditepe University website
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