President Biden activates defense stocks against supply chain crisis


US President Joe Biden has issued a presidential decree authorizing the release of critical and strategic materials from the US National Defense Stockpile as a precaution against the country’s supply chain crisis.

US President Joe Biden issued a new presidential decree as a precaution against disruptions to the global supply chain.


Biden noted that the economic prosperity of the United States, national security, and the preservation of National Competitiveness Day depend on resilient, diversified, and secure supply chains.

He said the healthy functioning of the supply chain and industry should be used by both the federal government and the federal government.

The private sector creating a buffer against potential shortages and dependence on imports, he noted, depends on the availability of adequate supplies, equipment, or raw materials.

Biden emphasized that the United States’ national stockpiles, including the National Defense Stockpile, are one of the federal government’s primary tools to ensure adequate supplies to protect against potential shortages and supply chain problems.


“The Federal Government permits the release of strategic and critical supplies from the National Defense Stockpile to enhance its stockpiling efforts for national defense purposes,” the decree said.

Biden stated that said authority has also been granted to the Under Secretary of Defense responsible for procurement and maintenance, and he may be released.

Biden ordered a comprehensive review of the country’s supply chains in his presidential decree on American Supply Chains issued on February 24, 2021.