Off-road race kicks off in Turkey’s Düzce region


The Off-Road Vehicle Race (Off-Road) competition kicked off in the northwestern Turkish province of Düzce on Saturday.

90 vehicles and 180 athletes participate in the race, which is traditionally hosted in the “Gumusova” district in Düzce, annually.


On the first day of competition, the athletes attempted to cross muddy and bumpy stages with vehicles with large engines.

The competition was interrupted from time to time in the race due to some vehicles overturning while trying to get out of the water puddles.

Mohamed Albayrak, president of the Düzce Club for Off-Road Racing, indicated that the race competitions are taking place in the middle of nature.

Albayrak said in a statement that the race is witnessing a wider participation than expected, expressing his thanks to the fans.


The previous one is scheduled to end on Sunday by holding an award ceremony for the winners after the speed competitions.