Libya signs an agreement with a Turkish company to maintain two roads


On Thursday, the Libyan National Unity Government signed an agreement with the Turkish company “Erish Inshaat” to maintain two roads in southern Libya, one of which had caused the death of dozens of Libyans after a fuel tanker capsized due to its dilapidation.


The announcement of the agreement came through a statement by the Ministry of Communications of the Libyan National Unity Government published on its official Facebook page.

The ministry said, “The Transportation Projects Implementation Agency and Ariesh Contracting Company signed a memorandum of understanding initialing a memorandum of understanding for the maintenance of the Sabha-Ubari road project, with a length of 270 km, and the maintenance project for Umm al-Arnab-Qatroun road, with a length of 151 km.”


According to the ministry’s statement, the signing was attended by “the Deputy Prime Minister of the National Unity Government, Ramadan Abu Jinnah, the Minister of Transportation, Muhammad Salem Al-Shahoubi, the Director General of the Transportation Projects Execution Authority, Sami Al-Abash, and a number of notables from the south.”

On the Turkish side, attended by “Turkish Ambassador to Libya Kenan Yilmaz, Commercial Attache of the Turkish Embassy in Libya Yusuf Yildiz, Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager, and the engineers and technicians of Arish Construction Company.”

The statement stated that the signing came “after reaching the conclusion of the award minutes by the Bidding Committee in charge of studying the offer.”


The Sabha-Ubari road is considered one of the most dangerous roads in Libya due to its deterioration, which led to the overturning of a fuel tanker on 1 August before it exploded as a result of citizens rushing to fill it with gasoline, killing 23 people.