Un Ukrainian delegation: “Dalyan” is a hidden Turkish paradise


The Dalyan region of Mugla State, southwestern Turkey, is distinguished by the charm of its beaches and sands, in addition to the beauty of nature and its historical richness.

The state continues its efforts to introduce the region to attract more Ukrainian tourists, and Dalyan is located on the coast of a canal linking Lake Koygies with the Mediterranean Sea.


A group of Ukrainian tourists, made up of travel agency representatives and tourism workers, as well as YouTube content makers, bloggers and writers, liked the region a lot.

Hosted for promotion, the group was accompanied by a tour of the maze-like canal of Dalyan and the ancient city of Kaunos.

In addition to Isuzu Beach, which is considered one of the best open protected areas in Europe, the group also visited Kojiz Sultana Sulfur springs.

Ukrainians took a dip in Isuzu, taking memorial photos in front of the 2,400-year-old megalithic tombs.

They visited the sulfur springs and enjoyed their healing waters and mud baths.

Travel agency representatives also took photographs of the targeted places and took notes on them.

While YouTube content creators and bloggers with large numbers of followers shared the photos they took on their social media accounts.

These posts contributed to the promotion of the region, as they gained a lot of admiration and drew attention to the region in a short period of time.


Introducing Dalyan in a more effective way

Andrei Umants, an official at a Ukrainian travel agency, said that Dalyan is distinguished by its special high-end character.

He added that after the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, the Ukrainian people preferred “boutique” hotels, and that they came to Dalyan  to promote them in Ukraine.

Omantes also expressed his great admiration for the nature, history, beaches and location of the region, describing it as “a hidden paradise in Turkey.”

Adding that each point in the region has its own beauty, charm and different impact on visitors.

Omantes said that it was the first time that he had visited the Dalyan region and Turkey in general. “Previously, Cappadocia was a favorite and popular destination for Ukrainians.

But I think Dalian will become their popular tourist destination in the coming period.

An ideal place for a special holiday

Yana Ryanska, a member of the group with a large number of followers in Ukraine, said that she came to Turkey about 20 times before that.

She visited many cities such as Mardin, Istanbul, Gaziantep and Cappadocia.

Reyanska added that she was very impressed by the beauty and charm of Dalyan  because it is special and is an ideal and unique place for a vacation.

She also expressed her great admiration and amazement at the beauty of Isuzu Beach, the Caretta Caretta Sea Turtle, and the nature and history of the area.

In addition to being affected by the quality of the food and the hospitality, noting that Dalyan  is a suitable place for a safe holiday in the period of the epidemic.


The Ukrainian market is important

Ali Morshed Yagmur, head of Dalyan Tourism and Hotel Workers Federation, said that representatives of Ukrainian agencies and bloggers will take part in a six-day tour of Dalyan, Gojak, Fethiye and Marmaris.

Yagmur explained that there are Russian and Ukrainian families who came to the region during the winter period due to the closure of other places due to the spread of the epidemic.

He mentioned that the Ukrainian market is very important for Turkish tourism, and that is why the “Anadolu Jet” airline company organized flights from Kiev, Odessa and four other Ukrainian cities.

He also noted that the Ukrainian guests were very impressed with Dalyan, which is hope and good news for a good tourist season.

Yagmur noted that the posts shared by bloggers on social media provided the opportunity for many Ukrainians to get to know the region closely.

And that another Ukrainian group will visit the region soon to promote it, stressing that such events will contribute to the revitalization of tourism in the region to a large extent.