Lebanon: We hold Israel responsible for changing the “rules of engagement”


On Thursday, Lebanon appealed to the international community to pressure Israel to “curb its hostile practices,” blaming Tel Aviv for the consequences of changing the “rules of engagement.”


This came during a meeting at the United Nations site in Ras al-Naqoura (southern Lebanon), which brought together Lebanese and Israeli officers under UN mediation, according to a statement by the Lebanese army.

The statement stated that the meeting was chaired by the Commander of the United Nations Interim Force, Stefano Del Col, and was attended by a delegation of Lebanese army officers headed by Brigadier General P.S.C. Haseeb Abdo.

He added: “The Lebanese side blamed the enemy (Israel) for the consequences of changing the rules of engagement, and appealed to the international community and the United Nations to exert maximum pressure on the Israeli enemy in order to curb its hostile practices.”


And he added, “The Lebanese delegation stressed the need for the Israeli enemy to withdraw from all the occupied territories, namely the Shebaa Farms, the Kfar Shuba Hills, the northern part of the Ghajar area, and other border posts that were considered a permanent breach.”

On Wednesday, the Israeli army announced that it had launched “raids on Lebanese areas, and said that rocket-propelled grenades were fired from them, in addition to infrastructure used for terrorist purposes.”

Earlier Thursday, “UNIFIL” announced that it had opened an investigation into Israeli raids on 3 sites in southern Lebanon, while Beirut announced its intention to file a complaint with the Security Council regarding this.