Tehran… Raisi and Barzani discuss regional security and stability


On Friday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi discussed with the President of the Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq, Nechirvan Barzani, border security and regional stability.


This came in a meeting between the two sides in the Iranian capital, Tehran, according to a statement issued by the Presidency of Northern Iraq.

The statement said that the meeting, which was attended by the Speaker of the Regional Parliament, Rewaz Fayek, dealt with “Iraqi-Iranian relations, the situation in the two countries, security and stability, and areas of cooperation.”

The two sides stressed, according to the statement, “strengthening the areas of trade exchange and protecting the security and stability of borders and the region in general.”

Raeesi and Barzani also discussed “the latest developments in the region.”

And on Thursday, Barzani arrived in Tehran on an official visit, an undisclosed duration, and participated in the inauguration ceremony of a major new president of Iran.


Baghdad and Tehran have had close relations since international forces led by the United States overthrew the former Iraqi regime led by the late President Saddam Hussein in 2003 and the arrival of Shiite political forces close to Iran to power.