Khartoum..”Yunus Emre” presents the anniversary of the coup in Turkey


On Thursday, the Turkish Yunus Emre Center in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, commemorated the fifth anniversary of the failed coup attempt in Turkey in 2016 by showing a documentary film that reveals the secrets of the coup.


The event, which was organized at the center, was attended by representatives of the Turkish Embassy in Khartoum, and the Turkish Religious Endowment.

And a representative of the Agency for Cooperation and Coordination “TIKA”, with the participation of students and professors of Sudanese universities.

The documentary “The Network” sheds light on the network of relations of the “Fülen” terrorist organization, and the threats it poses to the international community.

The director of the Yunus Emre Center, Farouk Hassan, said that organizing the events commemorating the failed coup aims to commemorate the martyrs of those events.

Hassan added that “the documentary film screening event reveals the true face of the putschists and their general plan.”


For her part, the professor of Turkish language at the Yunus Emre Center, Israa Al-Sir, recounted the night of the coup, which she witnessed in Istanbul.

Al-Sir said: “It is (July 15) a great day for Turkey and the Islamic world, because the coup did not happen, and because God stood with Turkey on that day.”

She added, “I heard from my friends about the coup of the Fethullah Gulen group, and we did not sleep that night until the morning, and we heard President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s speech that night.”

Al-Sir mentioned that what most attracted her attention was that the call to prayer from the mosques did not stop throughout the night until dawn.

On Thursday, Turkey celebrates the “Democracy and National Unity Day” to commemorate the thwarting of the coup attempt carried out by members of the “Gülen” terrorist organization on July 15, 2016.