Japan imposes a quarantine on arrivals from several countries


As part of its fight against the Coronavirus, Japan imposed a “mandatory quarantine” of varying durations on travelers from several countries.


In a statement on Thursday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the list of new border measures that Japan will implement at the country’s entrances to combat the epidemic.

And it reported that the health authorities changed the period of a mandatory quarantine imposed on travelers.

Accordingly, Japan will impose a mandatory 10-day quarantine on arrivals from Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, and Zambia, and 6 days on arrivals from the UAE.

Those coming from more than 15 countries and regions, including Turkey, Libya, and Egypt, are also required to undergo a mandatory 3-day quarantine.


The mandatory quarantine requirement for travelers from France, Estonia, Luxembourg, Nigeria, and some US states has been abolished.

On the other hand, the isolation and monitoring procedures will continue for 14 days and be imposed on travelers coming to Japan from all countries in their homes.

It should be noted that the new regulation will enter into force as of next Friday.