The European Parliament’s decision on Turkey is an example of bias


On Thursday, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said that the European Parliament’s adoption of a resolution on Turkey is another example of its biased and detached stance.

This came in a ministry statement about the European Parliament’s approval of a resolution on “the suppression of the opposition in Turkey, specifically the Peoples’ Democratic Party.”


“The adoption of the resolution on Turkey today (July 8) in the General Assembly of the European Parliament is a new example of the parliament’s detached, ideological and biased position,” the ministry said.

It added: “At a time when the failure to condemn terrorism is considered a reason for the closure of political parties within the European Union.

There is bias against a legal process initiated against a political party in Turkey against the background of serious allegations related to its deputies’ links to terrorism.”

It pointed out that “attempts by those who claim the independence of the judiciary constantly to send warnings about judicial procedures in other countries are not only transgressing the borders but pure hypocrisy.”

And it added, “It is not surprising that those who host members of terrorist organizations in the rooms and corridors of Parliament adopt such double standards and accept this decision.”


The Foreign Ministry stressed that the decision approved by the parliament serves the circles wishing to put Turkish-European relations at a dead-end – similar to previous decisions – and will not add anything to the European Parliament or Turkish-European relations.

It concluded: “We would like to remind you that the European Parliament sacrificed the values ​​on which it was founded for the sake of ideologies, and lost its credibility because of such decisions”.