Jafarovic: Bosnia’s relations with Turkey are special thanks to Erdogan


The President of the Tripartite Presidential Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Şefik Jafarovic, said that his country’s relations with Turkey have risen to a very distinguished level thanks to the efforts of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


This came at a joint press conference with President Erdogan and members of the Croatian Presidential Council Zeljko Komsic, Serbia and Milorad Dodik in Sarajevo on Tuesday.

Jafarovic added that Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina have friendly and brotherly relations.

He continued, “The historical, economic and cultural relations that bind us with Turkey have reached a much better level thanks to President Erdogan.”

He pointed out that the volume of trade exchange between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey amounts to $850 million, and that the current year’s goal is to reach $1 billion.

In turn, the Serbian member, Dodik, said that they discussed with President Erdogan important issues in the closed meeting.


He noted that President Erdogan has helped Bosnia and Herzegovina in meeting its needs for organic fertilizer.

He added, “I can say with confidence that Erdogan is a great statesman and I see him as a good leader.”

He pointed out that Western statesmen adopt a “lessons-giving” approach when they visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, while President Erdogan’s approach towards his country is “constructive.”

For his part, the Croatian member Komsic said that decisions regarding relations with Turkey are taken jointly by the Tripartite Presidential Council, and that this is one of the rare issues that are the focus of consensus among the three members.

He expressed his hope that good relations with Turkey would continue.


Earlier on Tuesday, President Erdogan began a three-day tour to the Balkans, which began with Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also includes Serbia and Croatia.