Istanbul witnesses a demonstration condemning the Israeli attacks


On Saturday, the city of Istanbul witnessed a demonstration to denounce the Israeli attacks on the Palestinians.

The demonstration, organized by the “National Will Platform,” came under the slogan “The Great Palestine March.”

The demonstrators gathered in Beyazit Square in the Fatih area on the European side of Istanbul, and later headed on foot to the Grand Hagia Sophia Mosque.

The demonstration included raising Turkish and Palestinian flags and banners supporting Palestine and denouncing Israeli attacks.


The demonstrators chanted slogans of solidarity with Palestine and chants denouncing Israel and its targeting of civilians.

The demonstration concluded with the participants performing the sunset prayer at the Grand Hagia Sophia Mosque, amid security measures that accompanied them during the event.

At dawn on October 7, Hamas and other Palestinian factions in Gaza launched Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” in response to “the continuing attacks by Israeli forces and settlers against the Palestinian people, their property, and their sanctities, especially Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem.”

On the other hand, the Israeli army began a war on Gaza under the name of Operation “Iron Swords” and is now seeking to displace more than a million people from the northern part of the Strip. This was met with widespread local and international condemnation and was described as “the second forced displacement of Palestinians” after their displacement following the establishment of the State of Israel on lands. Historical Palestine.