Istanbul..Turkish-US talks on bilateral and international issues


On Sunday, Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin held talks with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on a number of bilateral and international issues.


The meeting, which was held at “Mabeen” Palace in Istanbul, during which the two sides discussed Turkish-American political relations and cooperation in the field of defense industries.

Kalin and Sullivan also discussed various regional issues, including the ongoing war in Ukraine, Finland and Sweden’s membership in NATO, and developments in the Aegean, Mediterranean and South Caucasus.

The two sides stressed the importance of increasing the areas of bilateral cooperation on the grounds of common interests, coinciding with the start of implementing the strategic mechanism between the two countries.


Kalin and Sullivan indicated that completing the talks between Ankara and Washington on the F-16 fighters would serve the strategic interests of the two countries.

During the meeting, the importance of Turkey’s main role within NATO and the need for allies to act in harmony and solidarity against security and terrorist threats was also stressed.

Kalin stressed that Turkey will not hesitate to protect its rights and interests in the Aegean and Mediterranean and that Greece’s “provocative and contrary to international law” practices are unacceptable.


The two sides pointed out the need to focus on diplomatic efforts to stop the ongoing war in Ukraine as soon as possible in accordance with international law.