Istanbul.. Opening of an exhibition of cartoons about Jerusalem


On Saturday, Istanbul witnessed the opening of a special exhibition for the “Our Jerusalem Inheritance” international caricature competition.

The exhibition was opened at the Culture and Arts Center of Taksim Mosque under the supervision of the Turkish “Our Jerusalem Inheritance” Association.

The exhibition includes original paintings that won first places in competitions organized by the association since 2017.

The association’s president, Muhammad Demirci, said that the event aims to spread the issue of Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem to all of humanity and the entire world.


Demirci explained that the association was subjected to Israeli pressure because of organizing the competition.

In turn, the President of the International Federation of Cartoonists, Ahmed Altan, said that the competition is witnessing participation from all over the world.

Altan stressed that the participants in the competition belong to different religions and nations in the world.

The event is scheduled to display 88 paintings at Taksim Mosque until December 7.