Altun: Eliminate disinformation with efforts of global conscience


The head of the Turkish Presidency’s Communications Department, Fahrettin Altun, confirmed on Saturday that eliminating misinformation and hybrid threats lies in the combined efforts of actors with a global conscience.

Altun’s speech came at the conclusion of the International Summit on Strategic Communication in Istanbul.

He expressed his satisfaction with the success of the summit in its third edition, which was held in Istanbul over two days.

He also thanked the summit participants coming from 30 countries, where they discussed ways to combat hybrid threats that threaten the entire world.

“As strategic communicators, we must cooperate effectively against hybrid threats that target individuals, communities, cultures, countries and democracies,” he said.


Altun pointed out that everyone agrees on the extent of the risks and threats that humanity faces in the current period.

According to Altun, our greatest strength is the strength of the living conscience of actors, as the global conscience is our basic foundation.

He expressed his belief, as strategic liaisons, in the possibility of creating a “line of resistance” against proxy wars, political manipulation, elements of economic pressure, irregular migration, manipulation of international law, the information race, and disinformation wars that stand out before the world as hybrid threats.

He added: “With all global actors of conscience supporting this path, we hope to destroy the wheel of oppression in the world through understanding and struggle focused on truth and justice.”

“For this reason, we will first raise awareness and then organize ourselves on a global level, and through effective coordination we will combat lies, disinformation and hybrid threats,” Altun said.