Argias Center is preparing for the start of the ski season


Argias Ski Center is preparing to launch its season this year and welcome skiing enthusiasts.

In this context, preparations for the start of the new season continue at the center, which includes 112 kilometers of ski tracks.

General Director of Kayseri Arcias Joint Stock Company, Zafar Akşehirlioglu, said that their preparations have been continuing for months to welcome skiing enthusiasts to the center.

He added that they intensified these preparations with the beginning of the first snow of the season falling on Mount Argias, which hosts the center, with low temperatures.


It is expected that the center will open the ski season and begin welcoming lovers of this winter sport next December.

He confirmed that they plan to host approximately 2.5 million visitors at the Argias Ski Center by the end of the current season.

Argias Ski Center is certified as a Safe Ski Resort by Peru and Retas International, a company specializing in testing, monitoring and certification.

In addition to skiing, the center hosts several events for various winter sports during the winter seasons.