Istanbul: 15,224 migrants will be deported in 2022


Istanbul state announced the deportation of 15,224 irregular migrants from the city since the beginning of the year until June 21.


In a statement on Friday, Istanbul confirmed the continuation of efforts to combat irregular migration in the city.

It indicated that measures were taken against 76,787 irregular migrants between January 1 and June 21 this year.

“As of January 1, 15,224 irregular migrants have been deported from Istanbul to their country,” she said.

It added that daily, about 250 migrants whose procedures have been completed at the Tuzla Repatriation Center are deported via flights from Istanbul Airport.

It explained that 590 Afghans were deported to their country via 3 charter flights from Istanbul on Thursday.

It indicated that 150 Afghans will be deported tonight.


And last Tuesday, the Presidency of the Migration Administration announced the deportation of 42,666 immigrants who entered the country illegally since the beginning of this year, as part of the fight against irregular immigration.