Is it possible to go Hunting in Turkey – All you need to know


The geographical structure, plants and wildlife in Turkey have attracted many foreign tourists who went hunting from all over the world, and foreign tourists who depend on hunting and gathering fruits from hunting in Turkey can through the hunting tourism license granted to some travel agencies by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

In addition, foreign tourists who depend on hunting and gathering of fruits can hunt certain species in places approved for hunting by the Turkish National Parks, Wildlife and Hunting Authority, in this article we want to explain how to obtain a hunting license in Turkey and the types of hunting in this country, in general, the reasons for Turkey attracting tourists to do fishing.

The motives that encouraged the adoption of hunting tourism in Turkey :

Turkey is considered as one of the most suitable tourist destinations for hunting due to its climate diversity and the abundance of predators in it.

And the interest of people from foreign countries in hunting in Turkey and the large number of tourists who travel to this country every year have pushed Turkey to establish hunting tourism, in accordance with special laws and regulations, to allow  foreign hunters may enter as well as take authorized hunting trips.

Hunters from different countries can get an exciting and enjoyable trip by obtaining the necessary license for hunting tourism in Turkey, hunting in Turkey depends on the state’s policy, and it is done by examining the elements of hunting in the permitted area, determining the hunting season, and allowing the entry and carrying some permitted weapons that are brought to their lands for foreign hunters.

Species that are permitted to be hunt in Turkey :

Hunting in Turkey includes many cases of hunting due to the biodiversity and climate in Turkey, of course, and the number and types of hunting that environmental experts declare each year change, but in general the types of hunting include the following:

  • A horned mountain goat named Shamwa
  • Benzartine wild goats
  • wild pig
  • Cheetah
  • The wolf
  • Jackal
  • The Fox

As for the types of poultry and birds, hunting for the following animals is generally permitted:

  • Turkey
  • Wild duck
  • Birds are migratory
  • Fishing

Foreign hunters must apply for special permits to hunt animals whose names are not listed, and foreign hunters are not permitted to hunt other animals that are not on this list or that have not been authorized to hunt them.

Hunting times and places permitted in Turkey :

Hunting in Turkey occurs in the seasons when mating and childbirth end, that is, autumn and winter, and individuals can only hunt in specific and specific areas, therefore, foreign hunters are not allowed to hunt other species outside the specified range, and any behavior out of the ordinary or wrong hunting includes heavy costs and revoke their licenses.

The administrative process required to obtain a hunting license in Turkey:

In order to hunt in Turkey, you need to obtain a hunting permit from the Turkish embassy and the Ministry of Forestry, hunting takes place in Turkey for entertainment and searching for animal species, so you can visit these centers and according to the type of your trip, you can obtain a hunting tourism license, carry a weapon and get a card  Fishing.

The excuses that are considered for hunting licenses in Turkey :

Hunting in Turkey for research purposes :

The application is submitted to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Organization for the Management of Forests, Pastures and Waters in the Foreign Country of the tourist who wants to hunt in Turkey, after making the necessary correspondence with the natural resources and the environment in Turkey, it will be possible to conduct research on some animal species in certain parts of Turkey.

Hunting in Turkey for fun:

Every year, the Turkish Environment Organization issues hunting permits to chase tourists from other countries in specific areas and specific numbers by examining the elements of hunting and the number allowed for hunting, to obtain a hunting card for a hunting tourist in Turkey, it is necessary to provide the correct information by the hunterman to be accurately recorded.

This information, including name, nationality, date of entry and exit, location, types of hunting intended for hunting (which is determined by the state of Turkey) and the date of hunting are entered in the hunting card, and hunting tourists can apply for a permit to carry their weapons and equipment to Turkey by referring to the tourism agencies according to  Law 6136 promulgated by the Central Hunting Committee.

Hunting tours in Turkey:

Hunting tourism in Turkey is possible separately or participating in hunting tourism tours, and huntermen can choose one of these methods for hunting in Turkey, individual hunting requires familiarity with and experience of the region and the rules of hunting in Turkey.

Benefits of hunting by traveling with a hunting trip in Turkey:

  • Transportation from the airport to the hunting grounds and back
  • Accommodation in hunting camps or hotels near the hunting area
  • Presence of a guide for excursions and hunting
  • Providing professional services and guidance during the hunting process
  • Preparing a hunting permit, a veterinary permit and a memorial exit permit
  • Sightseeing and visiting hunting areas in Turkey
  • Travel insurance and meals in the hunting camps
  • Learn how to catch and deliver bullets and weapons

Hunting facilities in Turkey and the statements made in this regard :

The geographical location of the country, along with the suitable wildlife and plants, has led to a boom in hunting tourism in Turkey, and the Ministry of Forestry determines the hunting areas designated for the use of tourists and informs concerned parties of their details.

Foreign tourists who are interested in hunting in Turkey can hunt in these areas using the hunting tourism license issued by the Ministry of Forestry for tourism establishments of group (A), in addition, foreign tourists interested in hunting in Turkey can hunt many special species planted in the places specified by the Parks Organization Patriotism.

The Law 6136 of the Hunting Law in Turkey allows foreign tourists interested in hunting to bring hunting weapons and other things for hunting in Turkey in accordance with the relevant protocol through tourism institutions, the hunting license in Turkey contains information about the tourist, which includes the following: name, surname, nationality, date of entry and exit to the country, its borders, place of hunting, hunting history, and the species involved.

Tips and explanation of the importance of research and study in animal species before going hunting in Turkey :

Foreign nationals should also undertake an activity to research and study animal species in the form of instructions provided by the National Parks Organization to the Ministry of Forestry.

To do this, one must refer to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Organization for the Management of Forests, Pastures and Water Parks, in order to obtain these permits inside Turkey, the researcher must refer to the embassy of the country to which he belongs

In order to obtain research licenses, applicants must have previously submitted works and research related to the subject of the research in question, after studying the applicants by the competent authorities and their approval, a research permit will be issued in the aforementioned field.

The collection of specimens, eggs, or other materials related to reproduction is a legal matter during the research process, and the researcher can take them outside the country.

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