How to get a tax number in Turkey – Vergi Numara in Turkey


If you are planning to stay in Turkey or open a bank account in Turkey, you have probably heard of the term tax number known as Vergi Numarası.


For many of you, the question is, what does this number mean?

The tax number in Turkey is a 10-digit code that foreigners have to obtain in order to do various things, such as buying a house in Turkey, renting a property, registering a company in Turkey, etc.

The important thing to know about how to get a Turkish tax number is that getting this number has nothing to do with paying your taxes.

But it is an identification code in Turkey that anyone can request.

This code is registered in your passport and is given once and does not change.

If you are someone who intends to immigrate to Turkey and live there, of course, regardless of the region or city in Turkey, you need to first apply for a tax number.

It does not matter from which city you got this code, you can use it all over Turkey and in all offices and institutions.


What does the tax number mean in Turkey?

As mentioned, the tax code is a 10-digit number that people need to have to carry out all their administrative and financial affairs in Turkey.

In addition to nationals and foreigners, companies are also given tax identification numbers.

According to the Tax Law of July 3, 1995, every natural and legal person who is a citizen of the Republic of Turkey must obtain a tax number.

On the other hand, all foreign nationals who intend to live or work in Turkey are required to obtain this code.

The tax number is used for the following:

  • Check and document issues.
  • Financial leasing affairs.
  • Receipt and bond.
  • Getting a loan.
  • All banking services.


Application of the tax law in Turkey for foreign nationals

The tax number in Turkey is a special code issued in the name of a person and does not change.

The tax law for foreign nationals applies in Turkey if they intend to use the following services:

Documents required to obtain a tax number:

  • Original and copy of the passport.
  • Home Address.

In the first method, you can go to the tax office with the original and a copy of your passport.

After filling out the form related to your personal information and residence address, you can easily obtain the tax number.

The tax number issuance process takes about 15 minutes.

In the second method, you can apply for a tax number online without having to go to the tax office.

You can go to ​​and complete your details so that you can get your tax number in person.


The costs of obtaining a tax number in Turkey

If you want to apply for a tax number in Turkey, you do not need to pay because getting a tax number is free.

Inquiry about your tax identification number

If you have forgotten your tax number or you want to track your tax number, you can inquire about your tax number by entering the website of the Turkish Tax Service.

You can enter your page by entering your passport number on the official website, and after entering your passport number, you will enter the page and you can make your required inquiry.

If you entered your information incompletely, the page will not open.

Therefore, be sure to enter your information correctly and completely.

If you wish to inquire about your tax number, simply type your tax number request on the search button on the website.


How to inquire about the company’s tax number?

To inquire about the company’s tax number, you can inquire from the review section of the Turkish Tax Administration website.

If you have registered a company in Turkey, by entering this code, you can easily access not only your company information, but also the tax amount and tax base accumulated in the past two years.

The steps you have to follow to do this are:

You must verify your identity on the site. After logging in, your transactions can be tracked.

After logging in, type “Tax Identification Number” or “District and Tax Office” in the search field and the tax code page will appear.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to get a tax number in Turkey

Turkish citizens do not need to have a tax number, but foreign citizens in Turkey can apply for a tax number from the tax offices (Vergi Dayresi) in each province or city in which they live.

2. Will I pay for a tax number?

No, there is no fee to obtain a tax number.

3. What do I do if I lose my tax number?

You can get your tax number back by visiting the tax office or you can get it from the tax office’s website by entering your details.

5. I am a Turkish citizen living abroad, how do I get my tax number?

Even if you live on the other side of the world, if you are a Turkish citizen, you can use your ID number as a personal tax number.

If you are a non-Turkish citizen, you can enter your passport number.