Google educates people interested in developing games in Turkey


The Google Academy of Games and Applications has opened the door to tech jobs for 2,000 young people.

A signing ceremony was held at Technovest for the Google Academy of Games and Applications, which was implemented with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Presidency of the Digital Transformation Office in cooperation with Turkey.


The ceremony was attended by the protocol’s Chairman of the Board of Directors of the T3 Foundation Haluk Bayraktar and the Director of the Google Office in Turkey Mehmet Kitluglu.

In addition to the President of the Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation Sina Afrah at the ceremony, which was held with the participation of Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, and Head of the Digital Transformation Office of the Presidency Ali Taha Koç.

Minister Varank also said that it is an important signing ceremony regarding future directions, and said:

“Thanks to these signatures, Google will provide training to our young people interested in developing games and applications in Turkey, our 2,000 young people will be able to receive training of up to 400 hours for free.”


Varank also explained that young people participating in the training courses can also receive guidance services from the Entrepreneurship Foundation and the T3 Center for Entrepreneurship on how to set up their own companies, and explained that they can also meet with investors.

While thanking project stakeholders, Varank said, “For our young people interested in app development, please follow this program and register.

Future game developers and app developers will graduate from this academy, and I hope they will establish their own initiatives with our foundations.”

Ketiloglu, director of Google’s office in Turkey, presented a plaque to Minister Varank for his support of the project, and the goal is to reach at least 500,000 software developers.

Later, Varank and his entourage who visited Google in the Technovest area cut the ribbon for the Google Academy of Games and Applications.


The Academy also aims to contribute to the development of the ecosystem of games and digital applications in Turkey.

It aims to attract young people to a more competitive position in the global league in game and app development.