Google Chrome browser warns users to update the app


For the second time in a week, Google has asked Chrome users to update the app due to the discovery of a security vulnerability.


Google warned its users for the second time in a week after discovering four vulnerabilities that could be infiltrated by hackers.

Google has asked Chrome’s 2.6 billion users to download the important update that attempts to fix several vulnerabilities hiding under the app.

Google and Threat Analysis Group TAG have also warned Chrome users that hackers have “created garbled code signatures” that security scanners using OpenSSL token cannot detect.

Additionally, TAG also states that the technology in question made by hackers in Chrome is being used by software under the OpenSUpdater line.


OpenSUpdater is classified as a dangerous program that displays advertisements for browser users to install surface applications on computers.

TAG also revealed that the technology in question mostly applies to users in the US who download online game apps.