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Istanbul Aquarium (İSTANBUL AKVARYUM):

Istanbul is a world full of wonderful attractions that can cater to all tastes. One of the most important of these is the Aquarium Istanbul Aquarium. If you are a loving and interested person in knowing aquatic life in all its forms. this aquarium will surely give you a number of wonderful and unforgettable moments.

Istanbul Aquarium overview:

The Aquarium was opened in the Florya region, southwest of Istanbul. on the northern coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and two kilometers from Ataturk International Airport. to be considered as one of the most famous and largest aquariums in the world, due to its size and diversity and of water species that you can find in it, which It is estimated in five different types. The aquarium consists of a 4-storey building with an approximately area of ​ 2000 square meters.

The aquarium contains approximately 1500 species of animals. Which varies among fish in particular in addition to amphibians. but the most interesting thing is the presence of the penguins that distinguish Istanbul Aquarium.

The main sections of Istanbul Aquarium:

When you visit the Aquarium, you will find yourself on a trip cruising around all the major oceans and seas in the world. starting from the Black Sea, through the Istanbul Strait, the Red Sea, then the Aegean and the Dedran Strait, the Mediterranean and the Strait of Gibraltar. in addition to part of the Atlantic Ocean including the western and the eastern Atlantic, then the Panama Canal and the Pacific. with a comprehensive view of global warming through an unforgettable visit to Antarctica.

Tropical Forest:

And don’t forget, the tropical forest, which is one of the most beautiful sections of the Istanbul Aquarium. created to mimic the tropical Amazon forests in South America.

Where you will feel the high degree of humidity and rain showers that give you a feeling similar to that in the Amazon jungle. in addition to the presence of some creatures that live in the river, including dangerous and poisonous animals such as crocodiles, snakes and poisonous frogs.

Diving with shark:

Visitors to Istanbul Aquarium can have a great experience and dive among sharks in one of the largest aquariums.

Would you dare to do it?


The Aquarium also has a four-dimensional cinema. which provides viewing many adventures through a unique experience based on virtual reality techniques and simulation of water and wind elements. Of course you have to pay a separate fee to go to movies and watch 3D movies.

In addition, there are many cafes and restaurants, along the way so that visitors can relax and lounge if they wish.

A maze of mirrors in the Istanbul Aquarium:

Of course, this is not just a fun aquarium, there is a maze of mirrors. that you can enter and discover the unknown in the world of mirrors, which was built to mimic the civilizations of South America, with an experience so exciting that it will give you wonderful moments worth trying.

Integrated shopping center:

Aquarium Istanbul is located within the Aqua Florya Shopping Center. which contains hundreds of fashion brands in addition to a number of cafes, restaurants and cinemas, each in one place together, with the most beautiful views of the Marmara Sea.

How to get to Istanbul Aquarium Aquarium?

The Aquarium is only 2 km from Ataturk Airport, and there are several ways to reach it:

If you live in the center of Istanbul. you can go to the aquarium with a free ride with no charge. Free cars are located between the districts of Sultanahmet and Taksim.

There are also buses from Taksim Square to Floria, where you can take one and get off at Floria Station.

In addition to the Marmaray metro line that connects you to Floria quickly and easily.

Location on the map: