European demands to investigate German companies for exploiting Uyghurs


The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights has called on the German federal prosecutor to open an investigation into German companies.

Because she was accused of “profiting” from her use of Uyghurs in forced labor and forced labor in China.


The center said in a statement on Monday that it had filed a criminal complaint with the German Federal Prosecutor’s Office.

Several German textile and retail companies in China have allegedly been implicated in crimes against humanity.

He added that many German companies such as Germany’s most popular supermarket chain Lidl and famous clothing brand Hugo Boss are accused of direct and indirect profit from the forced labor of Uyghurs.

China has controlled the territory of East Turkestan since 1949, which is the home of the Turkic Muslim Uyghur minority, and calls it “Xinjiang”, meaning “the new frontier”.

In August 2018, a United Nations human rights panel reported that China was holding about one million Uyghur Muslims in secret camps in East Turkestan.


On November 17, the American newspaper “New York Times” published a report that revealed leaked Chinese government documents.

It contained details of Beijing’s suppression of one million Uyghurs and other Muslims in concentration camps in East Turkistan.