The common denominator of sports contributes to the promotion of peace


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the common denominator of sport contributes to promoting an atmosphere of peace.


This came in a video message he sent on Wednesday to the 17th edition of the Conference of Sports Ministers of the Member States of the European Parliament held in the Turkish state of Antalya.

Erdogan expressed his happiness over hosting the sports ministers of the member states of the European Parliament in Antalya.

He added that the importance of the holistic and inclusive aspect of sport is increasing in light of the world’s preoccupation with conflicts and wars.

He stressed that the common sporting denominator between societies contributes to strengthening the atmosphere of peace and cooperation at the global level.


He continued, “In this context, Turkey fulfills its obligations towards humanity through the sporting events it organizes.”

Erdogan stated that his country continues to enhance its investments in the field of sports, day after day.