Erdogan: The Ankara attack represents the last breath of terrorism


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed that the terrorist attack that took place on Sunday morning in the capital, Ankara, represents “the last breath of terrorism.”

This came in a speech he delivered on Sunday during his participation in the opening of the second legislative year of the 28th session of the Turkish Parliament.

Erdogan said in this regard: “The operation that took place this morning, during which two killers were neutralized as a result of the timely intervention of our security forces, represents the last breath of terrorism.”

He added in this context: “The villains who targeted the safety and security of our citizens did not succeed in achieving their goal, and they will never succeed.”

Erdogan stressed that his country’s forces will continue the struggle with all determination until the last terrorist is eliminated at home or abroad.


Erdogan said that his country wants to eliminate the presence of the terrorist organization (PKK) outside its borders as well.

He added: “We will not allow the terrorist organization to direct politics and obstruct the sacred process of our country.”

He added: “The strategy of protecting our entire southern border with a security strip at least 30 kilometers deep and keeping terrorist activities outside this strip under absolute control is still ongoing.”

He touched on the issue of preparing a new constitution for the country, saying: “The people who defied the weapons of the coup plotters on the night of July 15, 2016 deserve to crown their democratic struggle with a civil constitution.”

He added: “Now we have a new mission and a new opportunity before us, which is to give our country a new, civil constitution, and our primary responsibility is to save Turkey from the current constitution that the administration of the September 12 (1980) coup imposed on our nation 41 years ago.”


He pointed out that the current constitution has been amended more than twenty times until it has become flabby, indicating that it is no longer able to keep pace with modern Turkey.

Erdogan called on all political parties and organizations to participate in preparing the new constitution.

He continued: “Just as the Gulen terrorist organization will not see the light of day again in Turkey, it is also impossible for similar organizations to commit new betrayals.”

In another context, Erdogan said that the European Union should not expect anything from Turkey “if it does not reverse its mistakes, most notably the visa issue” (not lifting it from the Turks).

Regarding the economic situation, Erdogan said: “The consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian war, which upset the balance of the global economy, are evident in different aspects every day.”


He pointed out that inflation rates around the world have reached their highest levels in the past 60 to 70 years, and that there are serious problems in every area from food to energy and from trade to employment.

Erdogan stated that there is no country in the world, including developed countries, that can see the future clearly, indicating that Turkey is inevitably affected by these negatives.

He said: “Our goal is to get our country out of this sensitive period with the least loss and the greatest gain.”

President Erdogan explained that the country’s development strategies through investment, employment, production, exports and current account surplus continue to form the backbone of his government’s economic policy.

He continued: “We should never forget that the success of the Turkish economy increases everyone’s quality of life, and the opposite creates a situation that makes everyone pay the price.”