Erdogan presents Turkish Republic identity cards to Ahiska Turks


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan presented Turkish Republic identity cards to the Ahiska members whom he received at the Turkish House in the US state of New York.

Erdogan granted Turkish Republic identity cards to the two oldest Ahiskas who obtained Turkish citizenship, Mehrali Mamitoglu, 86 years old, and Yunus Muradov, 83 years old.

In his speech of thanks, Mamitoglu said: “I was 8 years old when we were exiled, and I hope that no one will be subjected to the suffering that I went through.”


After recounting his suffering in exile, Mamitoglu thanked Turkey and President Erdogan for granting him Turkish citizenship and the aid provided to the Ahiska Turks.

For his part, Muradov said that all Muslims support President Erdogan, stand by him and support him.

Erdogan addressed him, saying: “This man is a father to all Turks in the world. You all know the days we witnessed. People will never forget their past. Mr. President, thank you. God bless you. If you are always by our side, we will never lose.”