Erdogan: Our governments allowed women participation in all fields


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan affirmed that the AKP governments have allowed women to participate widely in political, economic, cultural, and social life.


This came during his participation in the program “With Women in the Greater Turkey Trail”, which took place in the central Eskişehir state and was broadcast on Sunday.

Erdogan explained that the governments of justice and development have provided women with all capabilities and the future vision of the country is planned based on the principle of equality between men and women.

Erdogan pointed out that his governments over the past years have removed all obstacles that hindered women’s participation in political, economic, social, and artistic life.


“She supported every step that would make women independent and productive entrepreneurs, not just an element of the family enterprise,” he continued.

Erdogan stressed that his government will increase the amount of support provided to women during the coming period in order to enable them to engage more in social and economic life.

He also indicated that his government attaches special importance to women with special needs, and is working to employ them in many productive sectors.


He stressed that the governments of the Justice and Development Party have not and will never tolerate the issue of violence against women, and Turkey with all its institutions continues to combat this phenomenon.