Coronavirus treatment cost in Turkey and USA

Coronavirus treatment cost in Turkey and USA

Turkish Health Minister Fahruttin Koca has stated that there is a large number of people recovering from the Coronavirus in Turkey, and detailed numbers will be announced in the next few days.

Koca said that the Turkish Ministry of Health behaves with great sensitivity by promptly diagnosing, isolating and starting treatment with those infected with Coronavirus.

He also pointed out that “the ministry is working to employ more than 30,000 additional workers in the health sector, to counter the Coronavirus outbreak, pointing to the presence of infections among medical personnel”.

He added, “We got a drug which results were positive in the Coronavirus treatment in China and we started using it. We want to get the lowest possible losses from this epidemic that is spreading in the world.”

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“We have received 50,000 boxes of rapid virus diagnostic kits from China and we started using them, and we will receive 300,000 additional boxes on Thursday,” the minister added.

He stressed that hospitals and medical institutions in Turkey did not and will not receive any fee for the diagnosis of Coronavirus infection.

He stressed that “6 universities and one of the research centers have been invited to develop a vaccine against the virus, and they will all be supported without restrictions.”

The difference in Coronavirus treatment cost is clear as the American “Times Magazine” held a conversation with a woman in the United States, who was diagnosed with the new Coronavirus, after feeling its symptoms, at the end of February.

And it took ten days of reviews, examinations, and the provision of medicines until she was confirmed to be infected with the virus, and days later she was sent a bill for diagnosis and treatment, at a total cost of 34,927 dollars.

And the magazine quotes the lady, called “Danny Aschini”, that she was shocked when she saw the bill, confirming that she does not know anyone who has that much money.