Charge of $ 10.6 million against a retired 92-year-old Turkish doctor


The 92-year-old retired doctor was charged with attempting to fraudulently qualify against 3 men who deducted the pensioner with false invoices.

They tried to collect money through execution, and the fraud appeared on February 11, 2020, when the home of retired doctor Mahmoud Karagash was seized.

He was surprised when he saw the bailiffs in front of him, and knew that he owed $ 10.6 million to people he did not know.

It was also reported that a lawsuit was filed with the execution court with the bills of his own signature and concluded without his knowledge.

After the retired doctor realized that he was the new target of this criminal gang that deceived the elderly and the wealthy, he filed a criminal complaint with the Public Prosecution Office.

The Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation based on a criminal complaint from Karagas.


The three suspects who were under investigation continued enforcement actions in this operation in order to intimidate retired doctor Karagash.

The confiscation procedures were carried out both at his home and the commercial house where Mahmoud Karajash was a shareholder.

Whereas, the victim, whose awareness is impaired by his age, is forced to sign a contract.

In the investigation conducted by Istanbul Public Prosecutor Ali Akin Doguslu, the suspects’ previous cell phone communication records were examined.

In addition to them, the complainant is Karagash, and no meeting has been found between Mahmud Karajash and the suspects.

In addition, two suspects were identified on their cell phones, who said they did not know each other.

Until recently it became clear that they were using the same mobile device.

The Attorney General’s office also revealed that the signatures on the draft laws were taken by taking advantage of the status of Mahmoud Karagash.

This was motivated by his circumstance, which led to his diminished perception due to his advanced age.

In the indictment, the suspects were weakened, Askin A, Salah al-Din A and Muhammad Ali B.

They worked together in the unity of opinion, will and action, against his ability to perceive due to his age, and they benefited from the status of the retired doctor.

Karagash, who was unable to come to his office due to his surgeries, was sued.


“We gave the doctor $ 10.6 million in a briefcase”

In the trial held at the 16th Supreme Criminal Court in Istanbul, the defendants claimed that Karacakş wanted to sell his share in the commercial hostel in Eminönü.

As he inherited it from the family, they also handed him over $ 10.6 million in a suitcase without any formal action.

The defendants were unable to provide any evidence regarding the source of the $ 10.6 million they claimed to have given to the victim’s retired doctor.

No bank action was disclosed regarding the money that the defendants defended in the suitcases they paid.

Therefore, the fraud of those three who tried to exploit and steal the doctor and criminalized him was revealed, and in return they were punished for acquitting the accused doctor.