Turkey.. Finding tombs and archaeological vessels dating


Archaeologists have found in Izmir, western Turkey, tombs and archaeological vessels believed to be more than 3,400 years old and dating back to the Mycenaean civilization.


A number of scientists and experts are conducting excavations in the Yeşil Ufa archaeological hill located in Bornova district in Izmir under the supervision of Assistant Professor Zafar Derin Ege University.

Drin said in a press statement on Sunday that the excavation team had found important archaeological tombs and pots dating back to the Mycenaean civilization at the site of Tel Yasi affiliated to Yeşil Ufa.

He pointed out that the site of the tombs was used 5,000 years ago, and the excavation team in particular encountered a group of graves dating back 3,400 years from today.


The Turkish academic stated that the expectations indicate that the tombs belong to traders from the Mycenaean civilization, which was prevalent in the islands of the Aegean, Greece and the Mediterranean.