A Supporters of the terrorist “PKK” organize a demonstration in London


On Saturday, the British capital, London, witnessed a demonstration organized by supporters of the terrorist “PKK” organization, rejecting a possible Turkish operation in northern Syria.


The organization’s supporters gathered in front of the BBC headquarters before they began to march in the city’s streets, carrying the organization’s banners and its extensions in Syria and Iran.

The demonstrators raised pictures of the leader of the organization, “Abdullah Ocalan” imprisoned in Turkey, and pictures of the former head of the Turkish Peoples’ Democratic Party.

He is Salah El-Din Demirtaş, who is imprisoned on charges of terrorism.

The demonstrators also carried banners calling for Sweden and Finland not to be included in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization “NATO” because of Turkey’s demand for them to take steps in the fight against terrorism.


British police took strict security measures during the march.